My name is Milan Rudović. I live in Futog, place located on the coast of Danube River near by Novi Sad (Serbia). According I lived in family house, we have always had some kind of dog. In 1992 I was given a dog as a gift. It was a female dobermann. She was called Alisa. She wasn’t so important for kinology and world of dobermanns, her importance is in it because she made something in me, why I’m crazy about dogs until today. In 1995 I bought two females Baby Black and from very persperctive litters in that time Pella Altobello. Neither of them had big success on some of dog shows. It followed bad days for me and for my dogs at that time. Alisa was died of paunch torsion. Pella was killed by drunk car driver. Very dissapointed I gave Baby Black to my friend as a gift. One year and half I haven’t had any dogs. I was at dog shows so far and meet new breeders and take knowledges about dobermanns. Meanwhile I became a FCI referee. But, without dogs my backyard was empty like my soul. Soon I started to breed Great Danes with I had success: some CHYU and CHBiH. In 2000 I registered a kennel that I named “Di Casa Montenegro”, number 4033. Altough danes looked like dobermanns for me, they didn’t satisfied my expectations. Then, I returned to my favourite breed – dobermanns. My friend Laslo Salov (od Telepa kennel) helped me so much to manage that. Thanks!